BC School Superintendents Association Annual General Meeting

To All BCSSA Active and Associate Members

Please consider this message official notice of the upcoming BC School Superintendents Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on Thursday November 18, 5:00 pm via Zoom Video Conference.  As this meeting will be held online, it will require the Membership (both Active and Associate Members) to register with your full name to access the Zoom link.  


As per our current Bylaws, the meeting shall include the required business listed below.  Only Active Members are permitted to vote at the AGM.  

You will receive notice of the names of nominated candidates on Monday November 8.    Should there be a need for an election, an electronic voting process by secret ballot will be held prior to the AGM and you will be notified by email of the process.  The AGM booklet will be published and sent electronically to all members prior to the November 18th date, as well as posted in the BCSSA Members Login area of the website.

We hope to see you all there.


British Columbia School Superintendents Association (BCSSA)


Thursday, November 18, 2021, 5:00 pm Online via Zoom Video Conference

  1. Call to Order
  2. General Business
    • Approval of Agenda
    • Approval of Minutes of 2020 Annual General Meeting
  3. Reports
    • President’s Report – Kevin Kaardal
    • Vice-President’s Report – Teresa Downs
    • Treasurer’s Report – Gino Bondi
      • Presentation of Financial Statements
      • Appointment of Auditors for 2021-22
    • Professional Development Committee Report – Mike Hooker
    • Membership Services Committee Report – Reno Ciolfi
    • Indigenous Leaders Report – Michael Bowden
    • Executive Director Report – Claire Guy
    • Chapters Reports – Rohan Arul-Pragasam, Silke Yardley, Jordan Tinney, Manu Madhok, Bev Young, Scott Stinson

4. Business Section

    • Report on Nominations and results of 2021 Election – Chris van der Mark
    • The BCSSA Board of Directors for 2021-22 is presented:

5. Installation of Directors 2021-22 - Chris van der Mark

6. Introduction of the 2021-22 President & Remarks

7. New Business

8. Adjourn