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BCSSA members are visionary leaders, who through confident, collaborative action create a collective vision for student learning. Astute systems thinkers, BCSSA members utilize ethical decision-making practices to ensure a continual focus on student learning within the context of the specific district role in which they work.

With resiliency, strong political awareness and the use of technology that supports learning, BCSSA members work to create a learning environment in which everyone, students and adults alike, can achieve his or her full potential. The Dimensions of Practice and Code of Ethics provide BCSSA members with a framework for reflection and foster continuous professional learning as BCSSA members evolve in their unique district leadership roles.

The Dimensions of Practice address key areas of district leadership, however, they are silent with regard to leadership style; recognizing the inherent value in individual styles of leadership. The Dimensions of Practice is not prescriptive and is not intended to serve as an evaluation instrument.

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