Message from the President

The British Columbia School Superintendents Association is an association of diverse system leaders from across British Columbia's 60 public school districts. The strength of the Association is the richness of our members' diversity, while recognizing the multidimensional experiences of intersectionality that are unique to each of us.

The Association, and the Board of Directors, are guided by a strategic plan that outlines four goals with accompanying objectives to support public education in British Columbia and each other. These four goals are leadership, voice, equity, and support. One of the key values that guides members of the association is that students are at the center of all that we do.

Aligned with the mandate of the British Columbia School system, and as system leaders, our responsibility is to develop students who will become good stewards of their health and environment, and who will be able to contribute to the global community. To help achieve this goal, our collective responsibility focuses on creating safe spaces of belonging in our school communities, where adults and students thrive, and everyone can see themselves as champions for the human spirit and human rights.

The members of the association acknowledge the lasting harm done to Indigenous peoples and communities by Canada’s residential school program and are committed to truth and reconciliation and the role and contributions we, as system leaders, must make to advance this work in classrooms, schools, and districts. We are committed, as system leaders, to continue to focus on removing inequitable practices in our school system so all students can flourish.


Rohan Arul-pragasam, President BCSSA

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