Susan Crichton is an Emeritus Professor – University of British Columbia.  She was the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Education and the founding director of the Innovative Learning Centre (http://innovativelearningcentre.ca/).  She is currently a consultant and designer in system change, participatory research, virtual learning and innovation and a co-founder of Clayline Pottery Studios (https://claylinepottery.ca/).

She taught in both the Bachelor of Education and graduate programs, focusing on new media, design thinking, Making, and appropriate technologies. Her research explores the thoughtful design and development of learning environments to enable quality learning, especially those in challenging contexts.  She has worked to develop an immersive professional learning approach for professional learning, introducing maker education to educators locally and globally.  Her work, focused on design and making, can be found at http://commons.royalroads.ca/takiningmaking/ and can be freely downloaded by acknowledging its Creative Commons licensing.  Previously, she was a professor at the University of Calgary.

She has been a visiting professor in Bhutan, Chile, China, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, and Uganda principally in the area design thinking, change and innovation, appropriate technologies, and Making.  She is currently a consult to Harvard Graduate School of Education, UBC and University of Northern British Columbia