Retirement Information

Become an Associate Member of the BCSSA

Upon retirement, you can continue to be part of the BCSSA by registering as an Associate Member. 

Associate Membership applies to persons who are nineteen (19) years of age or older, were previously an Active Member of the Association, are no longer eligible as an Active Member, and continue to be interested in supporting the purposes and the activities of the Association.


Pension Plan Information 

The Teachers' Pension Plan website has many resources that allow you to:

  • Attend an information seminar and get to know your pension plan; view the schedules, register online, learn more about the seminars, and view the seminar handbooks.
  • Calculate your future pension online. This pension estimator gives you a better understanding of your future pension payments. Use this tool to estimate how much it will cost to purchase a period of service. It's perfect for those who’ve taken a leave of absence or maternity leave, or worked for periods without being credited with service. The estimator tells you how much your pension will increase and also helps you apply for your purchase if you’re eligible.

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