Learning Partners Program - Mentorship

Learning Partners Program - Mentorship

As part of the offerings for BCSSA members, we offer the opportunity for one-to-one mentoring for each member or new superintendent. Our Mentors are all experienced and retired senior leaders who are matched to the needs of the Mentee, and each service is customized to provide personalized service that includes a district visit. There is a fee of $1,000 to participate and this cost is subsidized by the Association.

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Learning Partners Program – Expanded

In response to our members requests, we are now extending (on a trial basis) our Learning Partners Program - Mentorship to a wider range of our members. In the past we have limited our program to newly appointed members and superintendents, but in the past few years, there has been a growing request for the Learning Partners Program to be available to other members who may have been with the Association for some time and/or members who have recently changed positions either within or outside of their current district.

If you are interested in participating in this program we would ask that you contact our Membership Consultant, Shannon Derinzy, email: shannon.derinzy@gmail.com who will be pleased to provide you with additional information on the type of mentorship structure which will be available, and the associated costs of that service.

New Members - Group Meetings

This is open to any new BCSSA member who is in their 1st or 2nd year of BCSSA membership in any position.  We hold 3 sessions attached to our Summer, Fall, and Spring events where new members meet, work with Mentors, participate in workshops, hear guest speakers, and form a professional learning community that connects people across districts for years to come.  These sessions are free of charge to any new member, but registration is required.  A link to registration can be found at bcssa.org prior to each conference.


New Superintendents Program

This is a one-year program that that meets a few times a year to support Superintendents, who while they may not be new to BCSSA, they are new to the role. Individual mentoring is also offered to this group for those who wish to participate.

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