Aligning Structures with Vision for Learning

Aligning Structures with Vision for Learning

Cultures of curiosity and inquiry need to be supported with intentional organizational alignment. Strong leaders are able not only to articulate and facilitate bold visions for learning, but also to align systems such that all the interlocking communities that make up a district support those visions. Guided by an inspiring vision of learning for all children to explicit strategies that intentionally address the needs as identified through a robust reflection on evidence of learning, alignment across and through the system is critical for success. From strong governance from Boards of Education through to the financial and human resources to support the direction of the district, systems must continually work to avoid fragmentation so that our always finite time, resources, and energy can focus on those things that are most important and that is learning for all children.

Indigenous Perspectives and Considerations

  • Connect learning systems based on Indigenous ways of being and social justice, free from bias and privilege with Indigenous partners.
  • Activate collective voice across the system with specific attention to Indigenous voice.
  • Practice reflective and reflexive approaches.
  • Respect cultural practices and protocols.

Stewardship for the Future of All Children
Fostering a Culture of Curiosity and Inquiry
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Aligning Structures with Vision for Learning

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