Stewardship for the Future of All Children

Stewardship for the Future of All Children

System leaders have a responsibility for a quality education for all children and for the future that education empowers. A quality education, and educational systems that nurture powerful learning, must foster a future in which children feel confident and secure not only in their identity, but in their relationships with others and with the environment. The district should, in other words, both teach about and help enact a more just and sustainable society.

Indigenous Perspectives and Considerations

  • Respect for all things; teachings come from the interconnectedness of self, land, sea, and sky.
  • Be intentional with your actions, words, and thoughts; heart and spirit energy effects all things.
  • Reach back to connect to the teachings of the ancestors and embody them and to share them with those who are still to come.
  • Care for self and others by lifting each other up.

Stewardship for the Future of All Children
Fostering a Culture of Curiosity and Inquiry
Growing the Capacity of Self and Others
Contextual Literacy
Aligning Structures with Vision for Learning

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